Maybe this is the year you finally get that off road bike you have been dreaming about. Off road motorcycling is a great hobby. Once you have your gear and a decent bike; it is an inexpensive pastime that uses up mainly fuel and your weekends. There is a great community of off-road enthusiasts, and wherever you go in the world you will meet people who love the sport. However, as with many adrenaline inducing sports, there are dangers to avoid and skills to learn. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy your outing a little more and may help you keep your feet on the pegs.

  • Get a Good Bike: A good motorcycle can make all the difference to your level of enjoyment and the amount of effort required to keep up with your friends. Dependability issues will keep you in the garage on weekends instead of out in the hills. If you are a little short on cash, off road Yamaha Finance, makes getting a nice bike a little easier. Find a bike that suits your body type. Many people think a big motor is everything, but when you are on the trail, the more you control your machine, the better you will do and feel.
  • Find Good Routes: Finding places to ride can be difficult, understandably landowners don’t want strangers riding around their properties. The best way to save time looking is to join off-road clubs in your area. Members will know all the areas where off-roading is permitted, and they will also have the inside information of which private areas can be used as well.
  • Use Correct Grip Control: Beginners get into trouble on dirt bikes because they often are out of position to react quickly. You need to always keep at least two fingers over your clutch and brake levers, and never have any fingers under the levers when you are driving. When you squeeze and crush your own fingers a few times you will learn one of the reasons why. But it isn’t only about not getting hurt. It is also about control. With two fingers over the levers your reaction time is considerably improved, this makes you a better and safer driver.

Off-roading is a great hobby, and it gets better as your skills improve. In the beginning you will do well to hang around with long time enthusiasts. They will be able to spot some of your bad habits and will help you hone skills like hill climbing and entering muddy terrain.

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