The vehicle is one of the most expensive and prized commodities that people have. Due to which when it comes to vehicle relocation, they look for an auto transporter that offers safe and reliable service.

Not many people know that the policies of a lot of shipping companies do not offer protection against damages, thefts, and accidents. This article tells you about important things that make auto transportation cost efficient and hassle-free.

Ask the Company About Insurance Certificate

It is required that the auto shipping firm that you hire provide a valid insurance certificate. Ask them to show you this proof of insurance. In addition to it, solve any of your queries related to policy. Figure out if any damage that happened at the time of car shipping is covered or not.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a reputed car transportation service that offers the highest level of service quality to customers. It is a specialized transport coordinator that offers free services to clients till they get a carrier to transport their load.

Ask for A Writing Contract

Before signing the shipping contract, you should agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in the vehicle shipping service. Get everything in writing. It will help protect them in the event of any unforeseen happening if they violate any contract terms.

Find Out How Much Coverage Your Auto Insurer Will Offer

Only a few auto insurance companies offer coverage to vehicles at the time of shipping. So, do not assume that your auto insurer will offer insurance coverage to its clients. It is better that you ask the insurer about the coverage it will offer when the vehicle is in transport.

Discard Loose Items from The Vehicle

Before you send the car for shipping, it is advised to remove any loose items present in the interior of the vehicle. This is because a majority of auto transportation firms do not provide coverage to the interior of the vehicle.

To lessen this happening, you should discard the loose items from the inside of the vehicle before you hand over the keys. These comprise CDs, extra change, removable electronics, etc.

Pre-Possession Inspection

Be present at the time of pre-examination of the vehicle. If possible, click the photos of the vehicle to record its condition before you ship it to the shipping company. So, if at the time of delivery, you see any damage in the vehicle, these photos will help you prove it that has been damaged during shipping.

Features of Car Transportation Companies

Here are some of the important features of hiring auto shipping services for vehicle relocation.

  • Auto transportation companies deliver superior shipping service to the vehicle.
  • The service offers door-to-door service and coast-to-coast from any part of the United States.
  • The company offers to drop and direct pickup service at any residence, dealership, place of business, storage unit, and auction.
  • Their advanced network of specialized carriers offers the most efficient services in all fifty states.


Hiring an auto shipping company is a crucial decision. It requires meticulous research and consideration of several factors such as reputation, reviews, services, policies, price, etc. to arrive at the right decision. Follow the above tips before you enter into a contract.

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