Some forms of graffiti are artistic and innovative. If done with consent and by a proper artist, graffiti can be used to promote your business and attract customers. But graffiti that appears on the side of your building or a piece of industrial equipment is not something you want near your property. Here is an effective strategy to deal with graffiti when someone defaces your business property.

Blasting Techniques

The most effective way to get rid of graffiti is to use a sandblaster. These machines are high pressured devices that blast out different types of material depending on what they are loaded with. If your property has been defaced and you need to get rid of graffiti, you can hire a sandblaster to remove the paint.

Although you can address the task by yourself, it is best to work with a specialist in sand blasting in Perth if you want the job done right without any safety issues. Sand blasters are powerful machines and if not operated correctly that can cause property damage or injury to the user. Sand blasting done by inexperienced individuals can cause weaknesses in the structure and irreversible damage.

Using Sandblaster Over Painting

Many business owners believe that graffiti cannot be adequately removed unless you paint the surface to cover up the vandalism. But sand blasting is just as effective as a paint job and once done by a professional, you will never know the area was vandalised in the first place. Here are some of the best reasons to try a sandblaster before you reach for the paintbrush.

  • Quick Removal – Once performed by a professional, sand blasting is a highly effective and speedy strategy to get rid of unwanted graffiti. Depending on the surface, the graffiti can be blasted away in minutes.
  • Cost-effective – Going to the store and buying paint to apply to graffiti is time-consuming and expensive. A professional sandblaster can remove the graffiti far quicker than anyone can paint.
  • Good as New – There are some surfaces where applying new paint is not possible. For these areas, you’ve got a sandblaster to restore the area to its former state.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to use a sand blaster if someone has defaced your property. Although painting is a good option, it isn’t always applicable in certain locations. The best solution is to contact a sand blasting expert and let them restore the surface.

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